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Have you ever poured your heart into creating a product or service, only to undervalue it with a low price tag?

Or perhaps you've set a modest price because the idea of marketing it at its true worth felt intimidating?

Seth Godin, the mastermind behind 'The Purple Cow', famously stated, “Price is a story.” This hits home. For too long, I've told myself the story that my creations don't hold much value.

But underpricing is often a veil for a deeper fear: the fear of rejection. And if you're rejected when the price is low, well no harm no foul.

I'm no sales expert (obviously), but this approach is fundamentally flawed. For two years since leaving my previous role in 2021, I've observed that many creators fall into this trap. Myself included.

Take, for instance, the feedback I received for my online course: “This is the best course I’ve ever taken. I’m learning so much, and Nate’s guidance is invaluable.” Yet, assigning the right value to it remains a challenge.

A recent mastermind event I attended, primarily to learn about flywheels, opened my eyes. It wasn’t just about flywheels; it was a revelation about how differently I've been running my business compared to others.

So, in the next two weeks, I’m taking a bold step to restructure my offers, despite my fears.

First off, I’ve revamped my main design course and renamed it 'The Creator Design Kit.' It's currently priced $99 less than its upcoming value, so grab it now. This course is a goldmine if you’re looking to streamline your branding efforts with a repeatable design kit, quickly gaining the superpower to create the things you can't today.

Also, my design vault has expanded to over 130 sites, and reaching 1,000 next year. It's now available as a standalone, downloadable Notion database that you can integrate into your account.

More changes are coming, but if you’ve been contemplating diving deeper into design before the year ends, this is a great onramp.

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🎨 Better Design Decisions

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Watch how these newsletter animations are created in Keynote

Want to stand out easily? Start with a unique typeface. This one is gorgeous.

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