YouTube Thumbnail Masterclass

Time Stamps


Intro and design breakdowns


Redesigning Paul Millerd's thumbnails (self-published author 30k sold)



What you'll learn

  • The best tools I recommend

  • How to use the rule of thirds

  • Design principles to level up your thumbnails

  • How to space objects and text so your thumbs don’t feel cluttered

  • What should you remove from your thumbnails

  • Should you use a logo or not?

  • How to use AI if you don’t have any images to start with

  • How to use contrast to create thumbnails that stand out

  • How to use Figma for YouTube thumbnails

  • What to do when you don’t have any images?

  • What should you do if your guests are not recognizable?

Over my 20-year career as a brand and product designer, I have created thumbnails, websites, podcast art, web ads, and many other types of media designed to “stand out against the noise.”

Many non-designers rely too heavily on effects like drop shadows, weird white outlines to separate the foreground and background, and poor design decisions because they weren’t properly trained.

There are a lot of thumbnail templates out there for you to fill in, but you’re still left wondering, “How do I make this mine? I’m not a designer.”

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