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🤑 How to create a free or paid offering on your website
🌲 How to design an 800 sqft sidewalk garden in SF
👁️ Can your peripheral vision sense color?

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Last week I wrote 5,700 words about personal websites. I thought most people would ignore it because of its length.

I had no idea it would take off like it did, and become one of my most popular pieces that quickly.

You can read it here if you missed it last week.

But, many personal websites miss out on one key page that may change your life.

Early on, I was just scratching the surface of a consistent writing habit. I was employed full-time, but it felt like I had a closed network, binding my identity to my job title.

I needed a way to open up and connect with others who weren't designers. So, I created a new page with a free offer simply called, "Creative Calls."

It was nothing special, but I offered a 20-minute phone call to chat about your crazy idea that you're too nervous to talk to with your friends or family. I was there to support your hair-brained scheme and give you a clear sounding board.

This was masking my real ambition to host these calls: To figure out what the hell I was going to do.

By offering this free call, I began by having calls with courageous friends who wanted to chat about their ideas.

I had 56 subscribers at the time.

Since then, I've held over 100+ calls with readers of this newsletter just to support and find my own path. It's led to ideas on products to build and courses to make.

By creating an offer page on your own website, it will give you a door into a new world, and potentially help you find your own path forward if you feel stuck.

For those with more established services or audiences, it give you the flexibility to craft a paid offer and an easy way to let people book your time.

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🎨 Better Design Decisions

How to design an 800 sqft sidewalk garden in the middle of SF's Mission District. I'm a Zach Klein fan through and through.

Learn all of the facets of product design in a visual roadmap

Your peripheral vision is color blind. Related: Your vision eats up 2/3 of your brain's electrical activity.

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📸 Make It Yours Moment

Burger King reveals their take on how fresh their ingredients really are.

A special shout out to ​Danny Miranda​ who brought a lot of new faces this week by letting me jam out with him on the design of his upcoming course, ​The Art of Interviewing​.

See you next Sunday!

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