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If you have a product or service offering, the single most important page to turn onlookers into customers is a landing page.

But first, I want to invite you to a live YouTube thumbnail workshop. I’m hosting it with Paul Millerd, author of the Pathless Path (Self-published and has sold 30k copies!).

Join us as we whip up visually appealing, clicka-licious thumbnails for Paul!

It’s free to join live, but there won’t be a recording. ​Register now​.

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Give me five minutes to show you:

🎨 How to design a newsletter landing page

📣 Build a site using Framer in minutes

💻 How do you want your audience to feel?

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Not long ago, I received an inbound email from a prospect.

Old Nate would email back promptly, fielding the request swiftly, and engage in a back-and-forth email thread over needs, desires, and pain points. After a week or three, finally sending over a proposal and making the offer.

Another version of old Nate would be to ask for the budget ahead of time—and straight up turn it down if it wasn't of ideal size.

The problem with these approaches is how much time is spent going back and forth, negotiating, miscommunicating, and finally pitching the cost.

But new and improved 'Landing Page Nate' took a breath, then spent two hours spinning up a landing page to provide the value upfront, complete with pricing, irresistible offer details, bonuses, and testimonials from prior related projects.

Within 48 hours I had the sign-off and quickly signed on 8k of revenue. It wasn't a large project, but now I have a page I can use for similar offers of future projects.

Landing pages are typically the first interaction someone might have with your product or service, and I want to talk about how to design a page that helps convert customers (without being manipulative).

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🎨 Better Design Decisions

How do you want your audience to feel about you? Monical Lim invited me on her podcast to talk about how design can impact our choices.

How to design a site in Framer in minutes. Approachable Design is fully powered by ​Framer​ at this point. It's one of the easiest ways to go from an idea to a published site quickly. As of last week, you can select premium fonts from ​Fontshare​.

"Great packaging does not copy or study. It invents."Estée Lauder. This insight is at 24:50 of the episode.

Khe Hy (​RadReads​) hosted a launch party for his new podcast here in Venice and invited Kris Abdelmessih of ​Moontower Meta​ as a guest. What I loved about the party is how Khe made it his own. No frills—just good people in a good space can create magic.

Next week, we'll dig into a more comprehensive designed landing page if you're trying to build demand for a waitlist.

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