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For 48 hours straight I collected every single portfolio piece of design work I could find into my new website. I was applying for my first job after spending the previous couple of years learning design.

It was a temp job with a shopping network in Minnesota, and I badly needed some stability.

Thankfully I was good enough and landed the temp job.

My ​own site​ has been like an ever-changing piece of real estate that I have torn down multiple times to build something new. Over the years, it's introduced me to friends, clients, and business partners.

A woman at a party even recognized me because I had created some videos and posted them from some trips I had taken.

What I love about having a site is that it has been a lab to tinker in. To write, draw, and design. A reflection of where I am in life.

But in many ways, personal websites have changed over the years. It's now easier than ever to create one, and many are defined by the pre-packaged templates they come in.

The prevailing wisdom for the least amount of effort is that, ”Maybe I'll just use and create a one-page site, or Substack for my own site because it's simple and they do everything for you.β€œ

But the tighter these solutions are, the more limiting and less visually intriguing they become.

Personal websites today

Today, I believe having a personal website is still a rare thing. And I have some thoughts on what it should include at a minimum. Five pages.

You don't even need a blog to start, but you should have three ideas to share.

Check out the article below. It's 5k+ words but filled to the brim with page breakdowns, design tips, and something I call Story Spokes (including a free template) to replace your blog.

20 years ago when I landed that temp job, my boss offered me my first full-time role in less than two weeks.

He told me later, β€œI loved your website and rarely see people with their own domain.β€œ

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🎨 Better Design Decisions

​Creator Justin Welsh just updated his own personal website​. His site powers his solopreneur business now doing $2m+ annually.

​Entrepreneur Sari Azout launches Sublime​. A new way to search and discover your favorite content. The new home page is ​fun​.

A simple breakdown of how to improve your own ​visual design​.

Need some personal website inspiration? I am building a collection of ​1,000 inspiring websites here​.

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