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🎨 The difference between art and design

πŸ’° How to design a landing page for a $1k product

β˜•οΈ The $2,700 Espresso Machine Principle

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There's a simple framework I use whenever the "Art vs Design" conversation comes up.

​Design answers a question. Art asks a question.

​A well-designed blog post helps people read the words with ease so they won't struggle to internalize and learn something new.​

A piece of art hanging on a wall asks us how it makes us feel, in the context of our lives and experiences.

What I enjoy about design is spotting opportunities to inject art into this conversation.

To me, art can be used as a form of expression. It's how we communicate who we are, our vibe, and what we care about. It lets the reader answer the question, "Do I vibe with this person or not?"

In my mind, great podcast art blends both art and design. It's trying to answer the question, "Here's what my podcast is about," and "Do you vibe with me?"​

This Thursday I'll be redesigning Khe Hy's podcast cover art and helping answer your design questions, LIVE. The pressure is on, but Khe always brings his true self into his writing and conversations, so I know the workshop won't lack either art or design.​

​Join us here! (It's free!)

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🎨 Better Design Decisions

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​Personalize your coaching calls page: Justin Moore's public vs pricing option is a unique way to give 50% without offering less.

​The $2,700 Espresso Machine Principle: A simple formula for unlocking potential in your existing business. (via Dylan Bridger)

​State of the Creator Economy: A well-designed page that presents a lot of visual information in a compelling way. Btw, I'm a fan of #3.
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